IMPACT EdTech launches a call for three primary school teachers to test the technology offered by Kinems, one of the start-ups selected as part of the ‘Remote Schooling’ acceleration programme of IMPACT EdTech.

The start-up created a breakthrough multi-sensory personalized educational gaming platform that fosters the whole child development. Teachers from different type of schools are welcomed to apply: mainstream Kindergartens, specialist schools for children with special education needs, or mainstream primary schools with separate classes/programs for children with special education needs. The solution addresses students aged 5-8

Benefits for the teachers and schools participating in the pilot:

  • Access for themselves and their class to a cutting-edge educational solution.
  • Access to innovative training materials in the classroom: All necessary materials and software will be provided free of charge during the piloting period.
  • Be at the forefront of innovation and support an EdTech start-up to develop: The feedback provided by pilot teachers and students will help the start-up to develop and improve its solution and make sure it better responds to the needs of the user.
  • The piloting teachers will be paid at a fixed rate of €100 / day for up to 15 days of work (max. €1,500).
  • The piloting schools will receive a lump sum contribution, as financial compensation for the operational support provided of 1000€.
  • Certificate of participation: All the teachers participating in IMPACT EdTech Remote Schooling Pilot A1 will be awarded with a certificate of participation at the end of the pilot.

If you are curious in testing an innovative tool and practice and would like to support a promising EdTech company, read more about the call and apply: here. Applications will close on April 5th.

Questions about this call? 

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