The call will remain open until September 3

We accelerate EdTech start-ups/SMEs that solve challenges encountered by teachers and students when teaching and learning remotely during the COVID-19 crisis

  • In the context of the COVID-19 crisis, the great majority of European countries implemented country-wide school closures, and most European teachers were forced to adapt to an emergency remote teaching setting relying heavily on digital technologies.
  • On July 3rd, IMPACT EdTech launched an extraordinary open call to select up to 12 promising start-ups/SMEs that will receive up to €110,000 equity-free funding each to provide innovative solutions to be piloted in schools.
  • The call will remain open until 3rd September. Apply through the IMPACT EdTech website.
  • The selected EdTech solutions will be fast-tracked to a 5-month acceleration programme, including regular 1:1 business and educational mentoring sessions, piloting and other perks

On 3rd July, IMPACT EdTech, the European incubator-accelerator that helps EdTech start-ups turn their ideas into market-ready products, has launched an extraordinary open call with a specific “Remote Schooling” 5-month acceleration programme to support up to 12 European start-ups/SMEs with €1.3M equity free funding plus acceleration and mentoring services to bring their advanced digital education innovations to schools.

Until 3rd September 2020 at 13:00 CEST, EdTech disruptors providing solutions that can contribute to allowing pedagogical continuity in times of school disruptions and tackling challenges encountered by teachers and learners in remote or blended learning contexts during the COVID-19 crisis, can submit their applications through the project website.

The open call targets start-ups/SMEs that address common challenges highlighted by the COVID-19 outbreak at the wider school level, which can be answered by digital technologies: pedagogical continuity during remote and blended learning contexts, inclusive education, personalised learning and skills development of teachers and learners.

Up to 12 start-ups/SMEs will receive support to test and assess the impact and performance of their solutions with teachers affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Selected companies will receive up to €110,000 of EU Grant to access business and educational mentoring support services as well as other specific resources and services to pilot solutions. The results of this 5-month acceleration programme will serve to increase the engagement of the education community into IMPACT EdTech actions as well as to encourage the adoption of EdTech by schools even after the end of the COVID-19 crisis.

Selected companies will participate in a rigorous and personalised training programme and will have access to an international network of recognised mentors led by the digital business school ISDI through ISDI Accelerator; access to education mentors, experts and digital learning professionals, as well as the Future Classroom Lab led by European Schoolnet, and support in access to funding opportunities, knowledge and connections through specialised communities that are related to specific tech initiatives, led by FundingBox.

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About IMPACT EdTech

IMPACT EdTech is an incubation-acceleration programme funded by the European Commission via its H2020 programme, ambitioned to support European EdTech disruptors with almost 6M€ equity-free funding plus acceleration and mentoring services to bring their digital learning innovations into the market.

About ISDI Accelerator

ISDI Accelerator develops acceleration & innovation programs for start-ups, corporations and public institutions. We have lead mentoring and acceleration services in the IMPACT ACCELERATOR programmes since 2014.  These initiatives, funded by the European Commission, have marked a milestone on the continent thanks to the collaboration between public entities, corporations, educational entities, investors and, of course, start-ups. Our portfolio currently features more than 190 start-ups, 4 of which have had an exit. We have distributed 45 million of public funding and 104 million euros have been raised after our programmes. ISDI also covers a wide range of countries all over Europe; our start-ups come from 27 different countries of origin.

About European Schoolnet

European Schoolnet is the network of 34 European Ministries of Education, based in Brussels. As a not-for-profit organisation, we aim to bring innovation in teaching and learning to our key stakeholders: Ministries of Education, schools, teachers, researchers, and industry partners. European Schoolnet’s mission is to support relevant education stakeholders in Europe in the transformation of education processes for 21st century digitalised societies.

About FundingBox

FundingBox provides access to funding opportunities, knowledge and connections through specialised communities that are related to specific tech initiatives: Smart Mobility, Robotics, Decentralised Technologies, Circular Economy, Next Generation Internet, Industry 4.0, etc. Communities are accessible within an open-culture platform thanks to which stakeholders from startups, SMEs, Research & Technology Centres and a variety of other organisations meet, interact and collaborate. In this way, these makers, entrepreneurs, innovators and experts can build meaningful connections and win equity-free and private funding that can together boost their growth.

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