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As part of its 1st Open Call, IMPACT EdTech is supporting seven start-ups/SMEs from the education and digital learning sector through a hybrid incubator-accelerator. In the framework of the IMPACT EdTech acceleration programme, three promising start-ups went through a piloting phase in schools to test their solutions and discover how they can better tackle the different challenges that education faces right now. 

In this regard, we are hosting three public webinars led by these three start-ups, that will take place on the afternoons of the 2nd and 5th of July. During these webinars, you will have the unique opportunity to discover how each start-up has piloted their solution in different European classrooms, thanks to the support of the IMPACT EdTech programme. Moreover, the start-ups, their educational mentors and their pilot teachers will present to you the outcomes of these three-month classroom pilots and will talk about the benefits of using these innovative solutions to transform education. 

Would you like to participate in our webinars? Take a closer look at the three EdTech disruptors that will tell us all about their solutions and experience in the programme:

The EdTech disruptors:

Kinems: This start-up has created a ground-breaking multi-sensory personalized educational gaming platform that fosters the whole child development. It is designed specifically for kindergarten and primary school (up to 5th grade) and it can be used in classroom and remote learning settings. The solution aims to help children with or without learning disabilities to improve their knowledge in math and English, and at the same time improve their concentration and attention. 

Mathia: The Mathia team has created an app that allows the teacher to give individual and groups mathematics lessons in the classroom and at home. It is a smart combination of a voice assistant and a 3D visualization tool that helps primary students to enjoy learning mathematics. Its main aim is to promote personalized learning and enhance the student motivation in learning mathematics.

Annie Advisor: This innovative solution is a chatbot that starts conversations with students and evaluates their needs of support with intelligent conversation flows. Students in need of support are automatically directed to the correct services (i.e., study guidance, mental health, mentoring, healthcare) using the built-in service tracking system. The main aim of this solution is to reduce dropout and increase student engagement.

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